Anaerobic biological processes

Anaerobic biological processes

Natural perfection for a clean environment

Following nature's example

The copying of nature's fascinating capabilities as perfectly as possible and their harnessing for technical applications represents a source of innovative renewal processes. Nature shows us in an exemplary manner that the organic matter contained in water can be converted biologically into energy-rich, and thus exploitable, biogas by micro-organisms in an oxygen-free medium. Therefore, the natural anaerobic degradation process constitutes recycling at its best.

As compared with conventional aerobic treatment methods, the anaerobic process offers significant benefits:
  • Very low energy consumption.
  • Generation of exploitable biogas.
  • Minimal sludge production.
  • Minimum space requirements.
  • Low nutrient requirement.

Space-saving, emission-free and profitable

The ever-stricter stipulations confronting industry with regard to the use of the natural resource water are boosting the demand for profitable, low-cost and highly efficient wastewater treatment systems. Many industrial plants are in sensitive locations, particularly in urban areas, that call for space-saving and emission-free treatment systems.

Due to intensive development work, Watair can supply a range of modern reactors available, which can be beneficially utilised in accordance with wastewater characteristics. Using our long-term experience from development and full-scale technical practice, we can design and supply optimised, tailor-made concepts for every application.

Anaerobic wastewater treatment is one of the oldest known purification processes. However, the sensitivity of the anaerobic biozenosis and a variety of disruptive influences delayed the efficient implementation of this technology. Only after the completion of our development work at the end of the 1970's it is possible to employ the anaerobic process in economic plant systems.